Human Resources


At Mewor – Metal Work Engineering, we are convinced  that the key to success is due to the human capital of our people. Our work staff is integrated by professionals that combine an academic profile with industry experience. We value frankness and teamwork, and consider that our organization is a part of each of its members. We allow ourselves to delve into the road of learning and innovation, constantly training and keeping our people up to date. We consider essential the clarity of our objectives, making  each person participate in the development of those objectives. We aspire to amplify the  human component of our workplace, to unite it with the personal desires of those who make up Mewor and that way achieve the success of this enterprise.


We are constantly looking for the most talented and capable human resource. If you’d like to be a part of our enterprise please send your Curriculum Vitae to info@mewor.com.ar



  •  Leadership across all levels.
  • Promotion of integrity and responsibility.
  • Teamwork and respect for individuality.
  • Open to receiving ideas, opinions, and projects to achieve a continuous improvement.
  • Incentive to diversity.
  • Confidence and positive attitude.